Tax returns in Geelong made easy with a simple checklist

August 18, 2015

It’s that time of year again, when people are scrambling to fill in their tax returns across Geelong. With little over two months to go until the tax return lodging deadline of October 31, 2015, you might be stuck trying to chase up the right information to hand over to your tax accountant.

Financially Free Accounting & Business Consulting is here to help. We’ve compiled a short checklist of things to consider before handing your tax return over to us, to ensure we can maximise your tax refund.

You should have received the following documents:

  • payment summary statement from your employer(s), indicating how much tax has been withheld, based on your employer’s gross payments. It also outlines superannuation contributions your employer has made
  • private health insurance payment statement
  • superannuation annual statement.

Other information you’ll need to collect for your tax return includes:

  • bank statement with interest earned for the year
  • dividend payment information for your share portfolio
  • any information relating to other income – including asset sales, share trading, contracting, rental properties

It’s also important to check your current personal details and tax file number are correct. If you can’t find or remember your tax file number, you can check your employer payment summary, or ask your accountant.

When looking at deductions and expenses you can claim on your tax return, you’ll need to have a record of spending – usually receipts or statements.

For more information on what to consider when lodging your tax return in Geelong, please contact Financially Free Accounting & Business Consulting.