Business Activity Statements (BAS), Geelong

BAS! Those three letters can cause even the most confident and experienced business owner to break into a cold sweat. And it’s no wonder! Tax laws regularly change and the instructions and forms seem to be written in another language. Even if you can understand the forms and are all over taxation law, lodging a BAS statement still takes time and, let’s be honest, you have a thousand better things to do with your time other than complete a Business Activity Statement.

That’s where Financially Free Accounting & Business Consulting, your Geelong BAS agent, can help. We know your time is precious and we understand not everyone is comfortable with taxation forms and terminology. Let our knowledge, experience and expertise free you from the drudgery of forms and changing laws. It’s what we do!

You can relax knowing we are completely up to date with changes in taxation law and will ensure your Business Activity Statements are accurate and correctly lodged. While we look after your GST compliance and BAS lodgement, you can spend the time it would have taken you, doing something worthwhile.

Whether you run an established business or if you are about to sit down to complete your very first business activity statement, contact our warm and friendly team at Financially Free Accounting & Business Consulting and ask about our BAS services and read our testimonials to see how successful we are at helping you to improve your business.

We can also help with a variety of other accounting services such as company annual returns and business mentoring. Our business planning accountants in Geelong are experts in the field.