Geelong business services

The decision to start your own business is just the beginning of the journey and, believe it or not, possibly the least daunting. There’s new terminology to wrap your head around and all kinds of forms that need to be read and completed. Instead of trying to tackle it on your own, contact Geelong-based CPA, Financially Free Accounting & Business Consulting for business services that are focused on you and your business needs.

Our accountants offer a huge variety of business services, such as superannuation, including SMSF in Geelong, business consulting and financial accounting. Our aim is to help you turn a good business into a great business. We help you implement those small changes in key areas that can lead to massive improvements in profit, cashflow and the value of your business.

Need to set goals? We help you not only set goals but guide you in implementing strategies to achieve those goals.

New to business or well established, we offer business services that will improve your profitability. Guaranteed! The point of allFinancially Free’s business consulting services is to improve the performance of your business.

Financially Free Accounting & Business Consulting, certified practising accountant in Geelong, focused on helping you with your business.

Ask us about Geelong accounting services, too.

Asset Protection

The hard work is done – your taxation strategies are organised, strategic plan done and superannuation taken care of. You are ready to launch your business. Hold on a moment! Have you organised asset protection? Nothing in life is predictable. Illness, accidents, legal issues and financial downturns can happen without warning, so it’s wise to be...
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Budgeting Advice

Here’s the thing! To run a vibrant, successful business you need a business budget, and that business budget needs to be realistic, measurable and achievable. But where do you start with a business budget and what kinds of things do you include? Don’t let business budgeting overwhelm you. Financially Free Accounting & Business Consulting are...
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Business Mentoring

The reason most people set up a business is for it to be profitable and successful. For your business to be successful and reach its full potential, it makes sense that you seek advice and support from experts. Financially Free Accounting & Business Consulting are Geelong’s expert business mentor. We offer small and medium-size business...
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Business Planning & Advice

CPA for small business advice So you have a brilliant idea for a business. Congratulations. The next step in your journey is to create a business plan. If the thought of business planning terrifies you, and numbers and forms do your head in, there is experienced and knowledgeable help available. Financially Free Accounting & Business...
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Business Reviews

When your business or company is running smoothly – finances are steady, your staff happy and the clients and customers are coming through the door –  it’s understandable you might want to maintain the status quo and keep things running as they are. The problem with the “steady as she goes” approach is you might overlook...
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Business Structuring

One of the many requirements of running a business is deciding which business structure suits you best. Structuring your business can be influenced by many factors including your personal circumstances and the size and type of your business. There are also legal and taxation issues to wrap your head around. Make it easy on yourself...
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External Chief Financial Officer

Guiding your business services in Geelong Keeping ahead of the planning, record keeping and analysis required to run a business can just about kill the enthusiasm that made you start the venture in the first place. Keep your time and energy focused on what you love – the day to day of running a business,...
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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? Relax! It’s not as scary as you think. Basically, a strategic business plan sets down on paper where you want your business to be in the future and how you intend to get there. Whether you are starting a business or run an established one, a strategic plan will...
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KPI Development & Monitoring

An important tool in ensuring the success of any business is KPI development. Key performance indicators, or KPIs, need to be maintained, revised and reviewed for them to be effective. Financially Free Accounting & Business Consulting understands the importance of KPIs for business development and offer an extensive KPI development service in Geelong. We make...
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Succession Planning

Your business is thriving, your paperwork is under control and you have achieved the perfect work/life balance. The last thing you want to do is think about what would happen to your business in the future or if something went off course in your life. But the reality is, you need to think about it...
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Wealth Management

Let’s face it, we all dream of financial freedom, of being able to live in the perfect location, own a great car and holiday wherever we please. That’s the reason we are in business! The reality is, wealth creation, just like building a successful business, takes more than just dreaming – it requires planning and sourcing...
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