Your certified practising accountant in Geelong

February 22, 2015

Financially Free Accounting & Business Consulting is a certified practicing accountant, or CPA, in Geelong.

You’ve probably heard the term certified practicing accountant, or seen the CPA logo in your travels. But do you know what it means for you, the client?

Businesses displaying the CPA logo are members of CPA Australia. CPA Australia is a professional accounting body and part of a worldwide accounting organisation focused on providing support, training and education to members.

Accountants have to meet stringent criteria to become CPA members, including graduation from a recognised degree or post-graduate degree and completion of the CPA program. To retain membership, CPA members must attend and complete annual training and adhere to the CPA code of contact.

Certified Practising Accountant members not only need to be on top of their game, they need to continue to do the work to stay there. With that kind of commitment,  it’s clear CPA members are committed to excellence in all that they do.

When you see that CPA symbol, you can be confident that you are working with a skilled, knowledgeable, ethical professional who is able to offer the very best in support and advice.The CPA symbol signifies expertise, reliability and trustworthiness, all traits that add up to great guidance and advice.

Sound strict? It is! And that’s a great thing for you, the client. After all, you work hard on building your business and wealth, so you need to be sure the people guiding you are working just as hard.

Check our website and you’ll see the CPA logo. With the backing of a worldwide professional body, you can be sure Financially Free Accounting & Business Consulting’s advice, whether about accounting, taxation, business or superannuation is accurate and reliable. And that means a better bottom line for you.

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Financially Free Accounting & Business Consulting, a Geelong certified practicing accountant, or CPA.