What to look for in a Geelong accountant

April 21, 2015

If you’re looking for a Geelong accountant to handle your business or personal finances, then you need to do a little more than just Google the words “Geelong accountant” and pickĀ a random name. Actually, you can use Google and pick a random name but you need to make sure you do your homework on that random name you choose.

We’re all well aware that accountants do more than just handle tax returns. Yes, some accountants are tax specialists but there are various fields in which accountants can specialise. Some accountants are audits experts, some specialise in insolvency, others are analysis authorities – it’s a long list with many variables.

It’s important when you’re looking for an accountant that you do your homework and employ the services of an accountant who is a specialist in the field you require. Start with basic questions. What’s the accountant’s speciality? If they specialise in what you require, then move onto the next set of questions: What’s their customer service like – how quickly did they respond to your inquiry, did you like their phone manner, understand what they were saying? How about their fee structure? Was it reasonable? Do they have all the required qualifications? Are you confident they’ll be able to do what want? Are they members of the appropriate professional organisations?

The relationship you have with your accountant is unique and you have to be comfortable and confident in that relationship. Remember, you’re letting that person into a very personal and private element of your life and their actions and recommendations will have consequences. Make sure those consequences are positive ones.

Geelong accountant Ben Meeke from Financially Free Accounting & Business Consulting ticks all the boxes for a personal and business accountant. Ben’s charter is to help his clients achieve the best possible financial outcome and he was the qualifications to deliver on that commitment.

When you’re looking for a Geelong accountant, do your homework and you’ll find that Financially Free Accounting and Business Consulting delivers the answers you require. Contact Ben Meeke today and receive the personal service you should expect.