Accountant in Geelong will ease strain

May 28, 2015
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Financially Free Accounting & Business Consulting is the accountant Geelong households and businesses can rely on to ease the pain at tax time.

The end of the financial year is fast approaching and for many that can mean long, frustrating days and nights trying to get financial paperwork sorted for tax time.

But rather than angst and agitation being the order of the day, the end of the financial year can be smooth and painless, simply by picking up the phone and contacting the accountant Geelong businesses and individuals rely on for tailored professional accounting services – Financially Free Accounting & Business Consulting.

The ever-changing legislative requirements that accompany taxation can be a headache for bookkeepers – both amateur and professional – and one oversight can cause ongoing headaches and lengthy negotiations with the tax man. Or it can simply mean you miss out benefits to which you’re entitled. Are you sorted with the Budget Repair Levy? What about the increase in the Medicare levy percentage rate? Are you SuperStream compliant? Farmers, have you started to think about how you’ll capitalise on the accelerated depreciation scheme in the 2015-16 financial year? What about the new $20,000 tax break?

As a leading accountant in Geelong, we have a comprehensive understanding of the tax requirements of employees from all walks of life, of small, medium and large businesses and also of the primary producers who earn a living from the land surrounding the city.

Financially Free Accounting & Business Consulting doesn’t want you to suffer through the lead up to tax time; we’d rather you look forward to the benefits of a refund or the knowledge that you’ve received every benefit to which you’re entitled.

We all make financial decisions every day. Make today’s decision a resolution to call and make an appointment with an accountant at Geelong’s Financially Free Accounting & Business Consulting.